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How to keep children’s teeth healthy


The early stages of life provide a solid foundation for the health of their adult teeth. Proper children’s dental care really does set them up for a lifetime of beautiful, healthy smiles – but without positive early experiences and habit forming at a young age, children can easily lose their way.

In this blog we share several tips to help you to maintain healthy smiles for your children – with minimal fuss or stress!

Make visits to The Eram Clinic fun

The first thing to consider when it comes to children’s dental health is normalising visits to the dentist. Visits usually start at an early age, and it’s crucial that their first experiences are positive ones. When children see The Eram Clinic as a positive and natural part of life, they will attend regular check-ups and cleaning appointments, and will be more open to essential corrective treatment if needed.

If your child is already afraid of the dentist, it’s important to try and alleviate their worry early on before it develops into an adult phobia. These fears can be incredibly costly, not just financially but health-wise, and can cause children to be bullied for their teeth or have premature issues that cause them to need tooth replacement or fillings.

Choose The Eram Clinic as we specialise in children’s oral care and anxiety. We can support you and your child, putting a tailored treatment plan together and making sure each visit is comfortable and even fun for your child.

Get into a good routine at home

Routine is everything for children – so scheduling twice-daily brushing at a similar time each morning and evening is important. The best time to brush teeth is first thing in the morning, and just before bed. Some parents incorporate brushing teeth within the getting ready for bed routine – along with washing up and putting on pyjamas. All of these things are great for building confidence and independence for children.

Play games and provide incentives to make oral care enjoyable

Some children hate brushing their teeth – so in these cases it’s key to build games into oral care to make it fun for them. There is a huge array of children’s dental care accessories available now which are designed to encourage them to enjoy taking care of their teeth.

Limit sugary, acidic foods and drinks

As adults, we know that acidic foods and drinks and sugary treats such as candy and fizzy drinks can be harmful to our teeth. For children, the risk factor is multiplied, because they are still in the developmental stage and can suffer with various complications as a result of bad diet.

Avoid giving your children sugary drinks and sweets – other than in moderation. Fruit is fine, but make sure they drink a glass of water after eating.

Looking for experts in children’s dental care? Speak to our team at Eram Dental Health Clinic today for tailored, expert advice and friendly, fun treatment plans for kids.