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Why you should never miss a dental hygiene appointment

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Alongside check-ups, dental hygiene appointments are one date in your calendar you should never miss. Here we share just a few of the important reasons you should make sure you’re seeing your dental hygienist at Eram Dental Health Clinic on a regular basis.

Clean teeth are healthy teeth

Keeping teeth properly clean is the most important step towards oral health – and keeping potentially damaging issues at bay. Although daily maintenance at home is incredibly important, a thorough deep clean at intervals throughout the year can get rid of hard to reach or stubborn plaque. Our state of the art, super gentle equipment uses cutting edge technology to remove bacteria and keep teeth beautifully clean and as healthy as possible, protecting against decay and damage.

Spot issues before they become damaging

One major benefit of dental hygiene appointments which is often missed is their preventative advantages. When you visit us for a dental hygiene appointment, we’ll clean your teeth whilst assessing your mouth for potential issues. This offers a second layer of protection in between your regular check-up – enabling our team to keep a more regular eye on your oral health.

Keep your teeth whiter and brighter

Clean teeth are not only healthier – they are also more beautiful, too. One of the leading causes of aesthetic issues requiring aesthetic intervention (such as staining, yellowing, decay, tooth loss) can be prevented through good oral care – a combined approach both at home, and in clinic. Our dental hygienist will provide a deep clean for your teeth, gently buffing away bacteria and staining to reveal brighter, whiter teeth. If you like to have your teeth whitened, attending regular appointments will help you to maintain your white beautiful smile for longer.

Tackle bad breath

Halitosis, or bad breath, is a common issue affecting over 50% of people at some stage in their life. There are a variety of possible causes behind bad breath – ranging from diet to overall health – but one of the easiest ways to combat bad breath is to keep your teeth clean. Our dental hygienists will remove bacteria and plaque hiding in between the teeth which can contribute over time to bad breath. Keeping on top of this not only keeps bad breath at bay – it can stop it becoming an issue in the first instance.

Get expert support to keep your smile healthy

Every time you visit one of our dental hygienist experts and professional dentists, you have the benefit of their expert advice, tailored specifically to you. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions, request advice and keep on top of your oral health at home. They can also recommend habits and products that can help you to maintain beautifully healthy, clean teeth in between visits.

Start your journey to cleaner, healthier teeth. Call or email to book your dental hygiene appointment today: +41 44 222 21 11 |