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Why choose ceramic implants?

Ceramic Implants

Once an emerging technology, now reality, ceramic implants now represent a revolutionary milestone in dental medicine. Many more patients are choosing this treatment as a way to achieve a more natural look and feel in place of traditional metal implants.

Our specialist programme, Eram Bio Dental, promotes the advantages of ceramic implants and more natural alternatives and solutions for patients. In this blog we share more about the benefits of ceramic implants and how they differ from traditional alternatives.

The future of implantology

Implantology continues to be one of the most life-changing disciplines in dentistry as it enables people suffering from tooth loss or needing repair to lead much more normal, fulfilling lives. Implantology is most commonly associated with the elderly but in fact it affects all people – many people can suffer with tooth loss through decay, injury, poor hygiene or illness. Ceramic implants offer an opportunity to achieve a natural, healthy smile.

What’s the difference between ceramic and metallic implants?

The main difference between ceramic and metallic implants is that ceramic products can be used for people who are unable to support metal due to allergies. For this reason they are revolutionising implantology for patients who have previously struggled to access vital treatment.

Another difference between ceramic and metallic implants is their appearance. Ceramic implants come in a variety of white shades, so can easily be matched to the rest of your teeth. They look and behave like natural teeth – a great choice for anyone looking to retain as natural a state as possible.

A natural look and feel

Ceramic implants have the closest look and feel compared with natural teeth. They are just as long lasting and hard wearing as their amalgam counterparts. This is the main benefit for patients when choosing ceramic – when smiling, eating and drinking their teeth feel like their own, rather than foreign bodies in the mouth. The improvements to quality of life are numerous – especially where significant tooth loss has been experienced.

The best treatments, with fully flexible options

At The Eram Clinic we pride ourselves on offering a variety of fantastic treatments tailored to suit each patient’s individual needs. This includes finding alternative treatments for specific bespoke requirements. We work with Straumann, one of Europe’s leading providers of implantology technology and materials, to offer our patients the best possible. Alongside our excellent care, attention and expertise. Some patients come to us looking for replacements, others are experiencing implantology treatment for the first time. Whatever your concerns or issues may be, we’ll work with you to find the best possible solution and enhance your quality of life through innovative dental solutions.

Learn more about Eram Bio Dental and implantology solutions today, or get in touch for a consultation to discuss personalised treatment options.