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The Eram Clinic’s in-house dental laboratory specializes in fixed prosthetics such as veneers, crowns, bridges and implant crowns.

Driven by the pursuit of the highest quality, perfection, aesthetics and functionality in individual fabrication, we at The Eram Clinic unite the wishes of our patients directly in our in-house dental laboratory. Thanks to continuous training and involvement in research and development in a field that has made significant progress, the laboratory is at the cutting edge of technology.

At The Eram Clinic we have developed exclusively for our patients our own ceramic blends for our veneers & crowns. Our unique process simulates the naturalness of teeth for our patients, creating a harmonious smile that is in harmony with their face.

Everyone on our team shares the training and philosophy developed by The Eram Clinic Smile Design.

Dental Lab
The Eram Clinic
Dental Lab

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Located in the heart of Zurich, we are trusted by patients to deliver the highest quality dentistry in state-of-the-art surroundings.

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