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Our Smile Makeover process – step by step

Our Smile Makeover process – step by step

We’ve spent many years perfecting our smile makeover process – based on our experience and the collective wisdom of our expert master dentists and team. When we set about opening our state-of-the-art Eram Smile Design Clinic we had a clear vision to provide a world-leading, pioneering service – and that means doing things differently.

In this blog we go a little more in depth about the process itself – what we do, and why we do it. This should give anyone considering a smile makeover with us some insight and information on what to expect from this unique transformative process.

Step 1 – Intake

The very first step a patient takes towards their new smile is coming into clinic for a detailed consultation. This provides us with an opportunity to discuss your motivations and objectives with you, to understand what you want. At this stage we will also conduct digital scan, impressions, professional pictures in our studio, check up, x rays. You’ll be provided with full information along with estimate costs for the smile makeover treatment.

During the next 5 -7 days, Team Eram (comprised of dentist, surgeon, our master smile designer (oral designer) and management sit together and plan, discuss shape and form an individual smile design for the patient, keeping in mind the patient’s wishes.

Our smile designer then digitally designs the smile we have agreed on (this takes around 3-4 days), then we sit all together again, and see the before, during and final design digitally. At this stage we can carry out EVT modifications – and when we give the OK, a motivational mock-up will produced. This enables the patient not only see on the computer digitally how it will look, but also direct in their own mouth. This is all before we begin work on the mouth itself – proper planning and preparation are the keys to a perfect smile.

Step 2 – A temporary smile is fitted for you to ‘test drive’

We specialise in long-lasting smiles built for life. You need to be sure that this smile is the right fit for you with the long-term in mind – so finding the perfect fit and ideal aesthetic is crucial at this stage. Fitting a temporary ‘dummy’ veneer at this stage allows you to test drive your brand new smile. It offers a glimpse of what life will be like with your smile, and the opportunity to make any changes or alterations before it becomes permanent.

During this appointment a team comprising of dentists, a surgeon (if needed), smile designer and manager will take care of you. At this stage the patient has the possibility once again to request any modifications if desired and also choose the colour of their new smile, with professional assistance.

The dummy veneer is expertly crafted by our technicians based on your unique measurements and desires, following initial consultations with you to determine a tailored look and treatment plan.

Once we confirm, papers are signed by the patient and the next appointment is set.

Step 2 – Our master smile technicians create your veneers to order

We don’t send your veneers to a laboratory off-site – we have our very own dedicated state-of-the-art lab exclusively for The Eram Clinic patients. This means each smile is individually crafted by our master technicians, who create each individual set of veneers to our dentists’ exacting specifications.

Step 3 – Your veneers are permanently fitted by our expert dentists

One week after, patient attends clinic and we start with preparation work and a detailed scan.

During the next 10-15 days we create the finished product. It takes this long because our restorations are fine-tuned with hand by our oral designer. We take great pride in ensuring precise attention to detail – this process is crucial in order to achieve natural, beautiful results. When this is complete, the team gathers again to check the finals. Once we give the OK, the patient is invited to the lab or clinic for final confirmations.

The fitting stage is main event and one of the most exciting aspects of the entire experience. Smile makeover procedures can take some time, so it’s crucial that you’re relaxed, comfortable and can enjoy your time with us as much as possible. Our luxurious smile makeover suites are fully fitted with wide screen televisions, mood lighting, ergonomic chair and sound system, so you can watch your favourite TV show, enjoy a movie, listen to music or catch up on some sleep. Simply sit back and relax as we create your new smile for you. Our dentists and patient care managers have specialist accreditations and experience with nervous patients, so we’ll be on hand to put your mind at ease and ensure a smooth, secure experience before and during the process. Depending on the type of veneers you are having fitted, this stage may last several hours, or require several visits to complete. Composite veneers for example can be fitted in just one visit (find out more about different types of veneers here) – hyperlink to veneers page)

Step 4 – Fitting stage is completed and finishing touches are applied

During the cementation and finalisation stage photographs are initially taken for quality control. Our master dentists will meticulously apply the finishing touches to your smile. This may include whitening or additional treatments to complete the makeover. This is also that final moment where you look in the mirror, and see that beautifully perfect smile you always dreamed of! Two days later, patients attend clinic for bite control therapy to ensure that their smile is a perfect fit.

Step 5 – Dedicated aftercare and support

One to two (weeks or days?) later, the patient comes in for final pictures. These are the stunning images we use for before/after transformations. Unlike many dental clinics our involvement doesn’t end when the smile makeover process itself is complete. Instead, we’re on hand to support you with your new smile, help you to make the most of it and care for it, and answer any questions you may have. You can visit our expert dentists anytime to ask for advice. We’ll also ensure you’re able to attend regular check-ups and hygiene appointments to keep your smile beautifully healthy.

This represents a typical smile makeover process – but of course, where additional treatments such as orthodontics and implantology are required it may differ slightly. Learn more about our revolutionary Smile Makeover Clinic here