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Your aesthetic body shaping programme for your body. And for your self-confidence.

Become a happier woman (again) with a beautiful body.
Research has shown that our clothes influence our self-esteem. When children wear a Superman T-shirt, they not only feel more confident, but also physically stronger. Women perform better in maths tests when they wear a jumper instead of a bathing dress. When women wear high heels, they feel more confident and assertive. Wearing a white coat improves a person’s mental agility. Every month, fashion magazines feature articles showing readers tricks on how to dress better to conceal those areas they are most ashamed of. But what if we didn’t conceal those places, but improved them?

Classic ideals of beauty: what I think of them

The idea of ideal body proportions is a concept that goes back to the ancient Greeks. Leonardo da Vinci, who was himself an anatomist, described in his famous drawing of the “Vitruvian Man” his belief that the ideal human being can be symmetrically inscribed in a circle and a square, showing that ideal human proportions resemble the geometric proportions of the universe.
But our idea of an ideal has changed over the decades. I count myself among a new generation of surgeons who do not want to create stereotypes. As a plastic surgeon, my goal is to fit your body to your physique and respect your individual aesthetic preferences.

The effect of the body on the mind

Plastic surgery is designed to boost your confidence, help you feel more comfortable in your clothes, and relieve any social anxiety you may have about your body. Many women, and men too, come to the practice with a desire to have their body look the way it used to, to get rid of stubborn love handles or excess skin, or to get their skin back into shape after a big change in their life, such as weight loss or pregnancy.
The result is not only a more beautiful body. In many cases, it leads to a new attitude to life – light, self-confident and without shame. I am always very happy for my patients when a reborn, radiant woman stands before me at the end of the programme.

Doing what can be done

In many ways, plastic surgery is similar to tailoring: it’s all about the fit! Whether you are reshaping your body after pregnancy with a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty), treating stubborn fat deposits with liposuction, sculpting your skin after massive weight loss with a thigh lift or a body lift, contour your breasts with a male breast reduction (gynaecomastia) or remove sagging skin under the arms (brachioplasty), most patients find that they feel more confident with a little surgical help.
The Morphi Bodyshaping Programme offers several variations – depending on need and indications. I have compiled the most important three programmes for you:

Price & Duration

Body Shaping Package
CHF 3’900.-
3-6 months

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