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BB-Glow Microneedeling

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BB-Glow Microneedeling

BB-Glow is designed to give the skin an even, radiant and healthy appearance. The treatment is absolutely worry-free and provides intensive care, brightening and rejuvenation of the skin. It is suitable for women and men, for all ages and for any skin complexion and is not seasonal. Depending on the skin problem, a different BB-Glow serum is used.

BB-Glow is suitable for the following skin problems:

  • Post acne
  • Pigmentation spots
  • Age spots
  • Dark circles under the eyes
  • Melasma, freckles
  • Uneven complexion
  • Hypopigmentation

In BB-Glow treatment we work with dermapen (microneedling), concentrates with natural pigments into the skin. Thus, skin redness and pigmentation spots are reduced and the skin gets a natural make-up effect.

How many treatments are needed?

Already from the 1st application, the skin is not only sustainably improved by strong active ingredients; a light amount of natural pigments conceals all irregularities from treatment to treatment, giving the skin a healthy-looking glow. Due to the effective and gentle incorporation by means of soft-needling, you remain free of side effects such as redness and swelling.
The duration of treatment depends in each case on the skin condition. To achieve optimal and long-lasting results, we recommend 4-5 treatments every 2 weeks. From the 4th month, a booster therapy can be performed every 6- 8 weeks.

Price & Duration

BB Glow Face
CHF 180.-
BB Glow Face and Neck
CHF 250.-

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