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Introducing Eram Bio Dental Health


At The Eram Clinic we pride ourselves on remaining at the forefront of cutting-edge dental technology and treatments, investing in pioneering, advanced equipment and materials to ensure our patients have access to the very best service and experience.

For a long time titanium metal implants have been the norm – and certainly the most reliable and affordable option – for those needing implants, crowns, dentures and tooth replacement. But now revolutionary, advanced biomaterials are giving patients greater freedom of choice and better quality of life. Here we explain more about our unique Bio Health Programme and how these new materials could have truly life-changing benefits for our patients.

What is Eram Bio Dental Health?

Titanium is still used in around 95% of dental implant surgeries, but an increasing number of people prefer natural, biocompatible technology to metallic implants when restoring damaged or missing teeth. Our specialised service focuses on supporting patients in their search for a natural, healthy smile. Partnering with pioneering Swiss dental innovators Straumann, we have developed a dedicated branch of services focused on maintaining and installing natural, healthier smiles using bio dental technology. Our Bio Health umbrella overarches some of our other brands, such as Eram Smile Makeover, Eram Aesthetic Dentistry and Eram Implantology.

What’s wrong with metallic implants? Are they harmful?

Traditionally implants have been almost exclusively made of titanium or a blend of metals. Although there aren’t any risks or harm attached with metallic implants, they aren’t always the preferred choice for a number of reasons. Most commonly those with metal allergies such as Nickel sensitivities feel cautious about having metal permanently installed in their mouths – or patients understandably feel self-conscious about the appearance of metal implants and want something more natural looking. In addition people are becoming more conscious than ever of what they put in and on their bodies – with many preferring a metal-free alternative. Now this is possible, thanks to Straumann’s versatile products.

What is bio dental technology? What’s the difference between Straumann products and traditional metallic implants?

Bio Dental technology in essence allows for truly customisable treatments based on a patient’s individual set of circumstances and preferences. The benefits aren’t limited to improved aesthetics. Not only do they look and behave in a more natural way – they are also strong, highly compatible and have enhanced bone integration capabilities.

Straumann’s high-strength, long-lasting PURE ceramic implants have been carefully designed to deliver maximum aesthetic and functional performance with comfort in mind. They are as reliable and durable as their titanium counterparts – with the added benefit of biocompatibility and enhanced aesthetic for full patient peace of mind.

Who is this type of treatment suitable for?

Anyone can benefit from the emergence of this new technology – especially those with existing metal implants or dentures that they wish to replace. It is especially of benefit to those with sensitivities to metal or those who require a more natural aesthetic for personal or professional reasons. Under our Eram Bio Dental Health programme we will recommend Straumann products in cases of tooth loss and replacement, cosmetic dentistry and dentures.

What kind of treatments are offered?

As mentioned above, we are able to use Straumann products across a variety of different treatments. These include dentures, missing teeth replacement, implantology and cosmetic dentistry. Speak to our specialist dentist’s at The Eram Clinic today or head to our dedicated page to learn more about Eram Bio Dental Health. +41 44 222 21 11 |