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We offer our patients the best and safest endodontic treatment.

Root canal treatment is the most common form of endodontic therapy, and at Eram Dental Health Clinic, your dental practice in Zurich, we can offer this highly qualified and sensitive procedure to relieve the pain and swelling that this type of infection can cause.

The soft tissue or tooth pulp inside a tooth becomes susceptible to infection if the outer layers are cracked or damaged.

The procedure

Before starting treatment, our specialists will make sure that the area to be treated has been anesthetized with local anesthesia.

You then remove the top of your tooth to access the inner tissue and clean the infection from the soft tissue with files and disinfectant. To strengthen and protect the rest of your natural tooth, the treatment is completed by crowning the tooth.

Even problems with access to the tooth root or the infection site are routine treatments for our specialists.

Price & Duration

From CHF 800.-

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