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Dental check-ups

Eram Dental Health Clinic wants to help you keep healthy, beautiful and long-lasting teeth.

Regular dental examination is important to maintain the health of your teeth and gums. The check-up with our dentist helps you to prevent and makes an important contribution to your oral hygiene.


It makes sense to have an annual check with our dentist. This examination does not only concern the early detection of caries damage, but also controls the development processes of the children’s dental system: Are the remaining permanent teeth in the right place? Is there a lack of space to be expected? Does a gap holder have to be used because a molar-molar has been lost prematurely? The annual examination in the dental practice Eram Dental also helps our youngest patients to healthy teeth.


After compulsory schooling, a lot of hectic times begin for many young adults. Vocational training, separation from the home, military service and self-employment are pending. Teeth play a minor role here. Frequently change the eating habits, so that some massive damage in a short time occur.

An annual check including X-rays and intensive care (individual prophylaxis) are highly recommended to detect any possible tooth damage early.


The dental check-up of adult persons usually lasts for a short time and shifts their emphasis away from caries to stable conditions of the periodontium, oral health and esthetic problems. Similarly, it often requires the advice of young parents in the dental care and nutrition of their offspring.

We at the dental office Eram Dental want to be your reliable partner for your teeth.


More and more people are getting older with more and more teeth. The manual dexterity can decrease or the passivity gets out of hand. Often, different drugs with a variety of side effects, in part, the oral cavity to be taken. Often in this phase of life, a more intensive dental care is announced, which aims primarily at the long-term preservation of the chewing function.

The inspection dates are set relatively quickly and on a monthly, biannual or individual basis as required.

We look forward to your call and your visit at Eram Dental Health Clinic

Price & Duration

Dental Check Up
From CHF 120.-
30 Min.

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