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Metal-free Ceramic Crowns
A crown is a dental prosthesis that is attached to the tooth stump and glued in place when a tooth is lost. Crowns can be made of plastic, metal or ceramic.

Ceramic is a material that is free of metal and therefore cannot cause allergies. In addition, the colour of ceramic crowns or zirconium crowns is very close to that of natural teeth. The aesthetic crowns also have the advantage that they do not discolour or rub off. Therefore they are durable for a long time. When we talk about ceramic crowns, we usually mean full ceramic crowns and not veneer crowns. All-ceramic crowns consist entirely of ceramic, while veneer crowns have a metal framework that is veneered with ceramic. Biological dentistry does not use metals, so all-ceramic crowns are used.

Your advantages

The advantages of zirconia crowns in an overview:

  • metal-free and biocompatible
  • aesthetic thanks to a natural white tone
  • zirconia dentures are stable and durable

Metal Free Bridges

Bridges are used to replace a missing tooth. The two posts on either side have to be prepared (reduced in size) enough to fit a crown on each one. Models are made for the lab to fabricate the restoration. In the meantime if possible and necessary the prepared teeth and the gap are being temporarily covered until the final restoration is ready. The bridge is made to blend in with the natural look of the patients teeth and after thorough examination of the fit and the shade is cemented with a final cement.

Price & Duration

From CHF 2’000.-

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