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5 reasons to get a dental check-up in January

Dental check-up

Due to the nature of oral health, as dentists we spend much of our time fixing and repairing when things go wrong. Many people don’t learn early on how to properly care for their teeth, and as a part of our anatomy that experiences a huge amount of daily wear and tear our teeth and gums can be subject to more issues than most areas. Despite this, our focus as responsible medical professionals is often on preventative treatment. Our role as dentists is also to help you to stay as healthy as possible, minimising the amount of corrective treatment required throughout your life. And one of the most important steps you can take towards a healthier, happier smile is keeping up with regular hygiene appointments.

After the indulgent festive period, January is a great time to get your yearly check-up and have your teeth thoroughly cleaned. Here are just five reasons you should book an appointment with our dentists this January.

1/ Timing is everything

Throughout the year we’re often too busy to keep appointments even when we know they’re important. One issue we hear regularly from clients is hectic schedules getting in the way of their health and wellbeing – as essential appointments end up getting missed or endlessly rescheduled. One way to combat this is to stick to one month each year which we set aside for

important appointments – and January is a fabulous choice. January (especially within the first couple of weeks) can be quieter as people’s schedules (personal and professional) readjust to the new year. When you know your appointment is always within the first one to two weeks of the year, you’re more likely to remember and keep an appointment with your dentist each year.

2/ Identify potential issues sooner, rather than later

One of the main advantages of hygiene appointments and check-ups is that they allow us to have a good look at your teeth and gums, and ensure everything is as it should be. As with most things, identifying potential problems early on can prevent them becoming major issues and minimise the amount of treatment they need. This can also save you a lot of time, money and pain or discomfort further down the line, so checking in occasionally on the health of your teeth really is essential if you want to avoid extensive treatment in the future.

3/ Get teeth thoroughly cleaned post-festivities

Christmas is naturally a time for over-indulgence, often featuring plenty of rich food and alcohol. Whilst these tasty treats are part of what makes the festive period so enjoyable, they’re not so good for our teeth. A build-up of rich food can get stuck and lodged between teeth, and acidic drinks can leave a coating on teeth or contribute to plaque – the thin, sticky invisible film that eventually over time causes tooth decay. A thorough clean will go some way to remedying festive overindulgences, so you can start with a sparkling clean slate as you start the new year.

4/ Obtain advice and tips you can take with you throughout the year

As we age, naturally our health and needs evolve. Our dentists can provide you with personalised advice to help you take tip-top

care of your teeth this year, based on your current situation. They may advise a new toothbrush or daily oral care routine, or suggest corrective treatment. This is a great opportunity to discuss any minor concerns you may have or need advice on, such as sensitivity or teeth grinding.

5/ Feel fresh and clean as the year begins

What better way to start the brand new year than with a fresh, clean smile? A hygiene appointment in January builds a firm foundation for the rest of the year, even if you only make it to one annual check-up. If you want to go a step further and are considering cosmetic treatment, the new year is a great time to start.

Don’t miss your post-Christmas/New Year dental check-up appointment! Give your teeth a thorough check-up and clean